There will be a Supplemental opportunity available with Olentangy Liberty Middle School.


Essential functions: Exhibit professional behavior, and sound judgement. Knowledge of the supplemental. Skills that foster and facilitate student learning. Share of facilitate the sharing of best practices. Facilitate communication among administrators and teachers. Assist administration with budget and manage requisitions. Compile and maintain department inventory. Schedule and publicize special events.


Eligible candidates must complete all required fields within the supplemental application. Applicants may revisit their online application at any time to make necessary additions or changes.


Positions are posted daily; check our Job Board regularly and apply for each specific position of interest.


Our mission is to facilitate maximum learning for each student. Success for Olentangy Schools is integrally linked to how well we value, engage and affirm the rich diversity of our school and community. As such, we actively recruit top talent from diverse backgrounds. This creates an environment of inclusive excellence and global awareness that benefits our students and staff.


Thank you for your interest in the Olentangy Schools!