There will be a middle school Long-Term Math Tutor Substitute position(s) available at Olentangy Orange Middle School for the 2022-2023 school year.


Long-tem Math Tutor Substitutes will be compensated at a rate of $170 per work day (no benefits) and assigned to a primary building within the district, but could be directed to an alternate building/assignment based on daily need. 



Qualified candidates will be employed through the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (ESCCO) and must hold or be eligible for valid and appropriate licensure for each position with the Ohio Department of Education and be active on Frontline Absence Management as a certified substitute with ESCCO. For more information on becoming a certified substitute, visit the ESCCO’s website at ESCCO


Essential functions: ensure the safety of students; demonstrate knowledge of subject matter; create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning; follow the scope and sequence of the instructional program; and, observe ethics of the teaching profession.


Candidates must submit an external online application in Applicant Tracking and complete an online Teacher Candidate Assessment. In addition, a letter of interest and current resume must be uploaded within the Attachments section of the application.


The online Teacher Candidate Assessment is sent via a link under separate email cover. On occasion, the email may end up in junk or spam mail. If so, the link will be titled “Do Not Reply” with the subject “Regarding your Olentangy Local Schools application”. Keep in mind that the assessment is a timed assessment, so please set aside approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted time before you begin the process. Once the assessment is started, it must be completed.


Positions are posted daily; check our Job Board regularly and apply for each specific position of interest.


Our mission is to facilitate maximum learning for each student.  Success for Olentangy Schools is integrally linked to how well we value, engage and affirm the rich diversity of our school and community. As such, we actively recruit top talent from diverse backgrounds. This creates an environment of inclusive excellence and global awareness that benefits our students and staff.